Sunken Honey and Apple Cake

Let Me Eat Cake!

Our neighbors dropped off some tart Granny Smith apples on our front door, and smart, healthy plans of turning them into apple sauce went out the window when my favorite food blogger posted this.  A sturdy german cake, that puffed up around sunken apples, glazed in the very honey that sweetens its batter. Apple cakes are a fall favorite of mine (I did, as it seems, write about a very similar cake last year), but I can't help it.  I love cakes that can hold their own, that can be taken on a picnic and eaten with just a napkin. That make forks wholly unnecessary.  And very importantly, cakes that make a perfect breakfast.  A dessert like this, not too sweet or gooey, is filling and pairs well with hot drinks.

This cake managed to do all these things - it came sailing on the Bay (where plates and forks were not an option), was dunked in my morning coffee, and managed to get smaller and smaller every time one of us walked through the kitchen.  I have a few apples still and may not be able to resist making this again.

Sunken Apple & Honey Cake

Deb, the brains and talent behind the blog Smitten Kitchen, is meticulous with her recipes. She tests and tests them until they are perfect, and then gives great and clear step by step instructions far better than I could.  For that reason I recommend getting the recipe straight from her website here.

* Also, an important bonus feature to this great cake, is the incredible smell that lingers in your house, hours after the oven has been turned off...