Plum Torte


As you may have noticed with this abbreviated newsletter, we've been busy. But never to busy to bake cake!

This plum torte needs little introduction. It was so popular that the NY Times ran it for years every September, and when they tried to stop, were met with angry protests. Not all desserts inspire such furious devotion, especially a humble cake such as this. I really love sunken fruit cakes (like this strawberry barley cake or this honey apple cake I wrote about a few falls ago) because they are perfectly acceptable at any hour of the day (especially for breakfast!). Apparently I'm not the only one, and nearly every food blogger I follow has featured this cake before.

Here is it, from the original source. End of season plums are perfect and soft, though I'm sure you could adapt this with other fruit. I also recommend making this because your house will smell like cinnamon and sweet fruit and all the warmth and goodness that comes from this season.