Explore our distinct demonstration gardens. We hope to inspire you!


Water-Wise Garden

Our garden celebrates San Francisco's unique summer-dry climate.  Our cities should be full of lush spaces where rainwater can permeate the ground. As California continues to suffer from a drought, we encourage people to plant things that will thrive without a lot of water. Want to know what grows well here?  Ask us or come wander through our demonstration gardens. Many of our plants are labeled with helpful and necessary information, while informational signage explains how we design our space.

Urban Composting

Compost education has been the heart of our garden since we opened in 1990. We know that healthy soil is the key to healthy plants. Adding compost is the best way to improve soil, conserve water, and close the environmental loop. Teaching compost is our mission, and we have staff on site who cannot wait to introduce you to the magic of 'black gold'. We offer a free compost class the first Saturday of every month. Sign up here!

Organic Vegetable Beds

We grow more than 500 pounds of organic produce each year from 30 raised beds. We showcase how to grow lots of food in a small space without synthetic fertilizers or harmful pesticides. Our vegetable beds demonstrate what grows well each season and would be a good choice for backyard gardeners. Join us the every month for our class Grow Your Own Food that will address your vegetable needs, ensuring you have a bountiful harvest year round. Additionally, each week volunteers harvest a mix of our freshest produce and donate of box of goodies to a local youth shelter with our Harvest program.

Lily Plums 2016 small.JPG

The Orchard

Tucked away on our hillside are 35 heirloom apples, pears and plums.  Over many years, our team has uncovered the best varieties to grow in our San Francisco climate. 


California Native Plants

California native plants require little additional water and thrive in our local climate. Our wild and uncultivated native hillsides provide habitat for bugs, birds, butterflies and special native bees that keep our native ecosystem in order. With so many beneficial insects and critters, we are able to have a healthy and balanced garden

Our Greenhouse

Our small but mighty greenhouse is where we start our vegetables from seed and propagate our perennial shrubs. Using cuttings, divisions and seeding, we are able to save money on starts and grow exceptional varieties of vegetables not available in nurseries. Come tend our baby plants and learn the basics of crop rotation.



Rainwater Harvesting

Living in an area with extreme water shortages makes collecting the water we do get all the more important. Our garden hosts a rainwater harvesting system, collecting runoff from our greenhouse and storing it for those long, dry summer months. Imagine all the water we could collect if each roof in our city collected the winter rains instead of letting them drain into the gutter!


Why let perfectly good water go to waste? Using eco-friendly hand soap, all the runoff from our garden sink drains right back into the ground, quenching the thirst of water loving native rushes that line our fence. Graywater makes the most of our limited resources, using water a second time before returning it to the ground.