Garden for the environment,  looking north,  1992

Garden for the environment, looking north, 1992

A tiny demo garden in the fog-swept Inner Sunset just might be the center of the Bay Area’s urban green thumb movement.
— Sunset Magazine, April 2012

27 years later we can proudly say we have taught thousands of San Franciscans to grow their own food, choose smart and ecological plant choices, and remove their lawns through hands-on workshops.

Our students have started urban farm projects, dozens of school gardens and successfully advocated for urban agriculture legislation. Our students know how to compost.  Our students use less water in their landscapes. Our students grow their own salads. Our students are leading the urban agriculture movement across the Bay Area.

Garden for the environment,  looking south , 1915

Garden for the environment, looking south, 1915

Over the course of the year we teach hands-on workshops to over 600 adults, bring over 900 city youth to the garden for immersive field trips, train 25 adults to be the leaders in the local sustainable gardening movement, and grow over 500 lbs of organic produce with help from volunteers.

We have big plans for the future and we hope you will join us at one of our classes, during volunteer hours or by becoming a supporter. Happy gardening!

Garden for the environment,  looking north , 2017

Garden for the environment, looking north, 2017