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Each year the city offers 32 teachers trips to Garden for the Environment, sponsored by the SFPUC. Inquire about the program here.


Garden for the Environment offers private field trips for groups of up to 30 youth

Mondays 10am to 1pm
Includes 3 garden educators

Program Fee: $750

Our field trip program helps urban youth gain a deeper connection to nature through hands-on gardening activities.

Garden for the Environment is a dynamic outdoor classroom, with distinct demonstration areas that allow youth an educational outdoor experience. Nature exists in the middle of the city and our one-half acre garden shares space with birds, bugs and wildlife. In an increasingly academic and technological world we believe outdoor education is vital and valuable. 

Students learn about a range of garden topics like composting, creating healthy soil, encouraging beneficial bugs, the importance of water conservation, and farm-to-table food tasting.

We choose three educational gardening projects that are the appropriate skill level for each group, creating the opportunity for youth to connect to the natural world and each other. 

Students help turn the compost pile, search for beneficial decomposers, save seeds, grow food, and care for baby plants in our greenhouse. Our diverse perennial garden is a place to show how native peoples, and people around the world today, use plants to make tools, medicine, art, and fabric.  

We offer twice-yearly internship opportunities with our Youth program, where interns will receive training and practice teaching in an outdoor environment.
Spring Program March 2nd - May 30th Now Accepting Applications!
Fall Program September - November

I have brought my class for years to the wonderful Garden for the Environment. It is one of the only places in our city (and the broader Bay Area), where kids can learn about sustainability and take this knowledge to their various home communities to spread the wealth… Garden for the Environment, and its instructors make kids rich with the knowledge that we are connected to the world and life… that what we do effects our very lives and the lives (both human and animal) around us.
— Aaron Hall, Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy